Transverse Registration?

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please find attached the document with regard to the application for “Transverse Registration” with the HPCSA. We would love to know and hear and read your thoughts on this.

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Application for Transverse Registration


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  1. Farahdiba Stephanus Avatar
    Farahdiba Stephanus

    Taking into account what a difficult journey my training has been, I am not comfortable with the transverse registration. I’m not sure if anyone remembers that the selection process alone was much tougher for most if not all clinical candidates. Expectations, requirements as well as environmental settings were more “stringent”. If counseling psychologists would like to be accepted into the clinical field, perhaps all the expectations that were met by clinical psychologists should be met by counseling psychologists as well. Perhaps a standard training for psychologists across the board, then individuals could “specialize” after, like in the medical field?

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