Letter from the CPF to the Professional Board of Psychology of the HPCSA

The following letter was sent to Professor Pillay by the CPF exco in the past week acknowledging the work of the PBP to clarify the Scope of Practice:   20 November 2019 TO: Prof B J Pillay Chairperson of the Professional Board for Psychology The Clinical Psychology Forum (CPF) wishes to acknowledge with gratitude the recent important announcement sent with associated updated documents regard... »

Scope of Practice: CPF Statement

Clinical Psychology and other categories of psychologists as well as psychometrists and registered counsellors Introduction The Clinical Psychology Forum (CPF) wishes to inform its members of the following very important announcement regarding the scope of practice by the HPCSA and the Professional Board for Psychology (PBP). The CPF also wants to thank the PBP for issuing the communiqué as this i... »

PMB Submissions – Schizophrenia, Bipolar and Mental health emergencies

The Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) is inviting stakeholders to make submissions for the benefit definitions of schizophrenia, bipolar mood disorder and mental health emergencies. To read the curcular, click here. »

World Psychiatrists and Psychologists Conference 2019

Dear Colleague , Greetings! On behalf of our organizing committee it is my pleasure to expand an invitation to you to participate as a speaker at “31stEdition on World Psychiatrists and Psychologists Conference” on June 17-18, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. We request you to share the latest trends in all facets of Psychiatry and Psychology.  We have so many different sessions... »

DBT For Practitioners


SAPPF Submission to NDH on NHI

The SAPPF (National Private Practitioners Forum) recently published their submission regarding the National Health Insurance (NHI) to the National Department of Health (NDH). “The South African Private Practitioners Forum (SAPPF) is a voluntary association of private specialists working in the South African private health sector. The organisation has a membership base of approximately 3000 s... »


Burnout in the medical profession is an increasing phenomenon. A recent Survey, including responses from 15 000 physicians from 29 different specialist’s groups, reported burnout amongst 42% of them while 15% of physicians reported suffering from depression (Medscape National Physician Burnout and Depression Report 2018). Other studies show that more than half of US physicians and probably more in... »


The CPF received an official request from the HPCSA regarding business practice policy: REQUEST FOR SUBMISSIONS ON THE REVIEW OF THE BUSINESS PRACTICE POLICY  The Health Professions Council’s Committee on Business Practices is in the process of reviewing the Business Practice Policy and has called for submissions from all Professional Boards.  The Committee on Business Practice requested the Profe... »

PMB Review – Council for Medical Schemes

Dear Colleague, If you claim via medical aid and apply for PMB’s on behalf of your patients, then this review of the Prescribed Minimum Benefits will be relevant. According to the CMS: “A draft PMB benefit package framework was drafted and published for stakeholder comments. The recommended framework proposed a departure from the current package which is disease/condition based, to a s... »

HPCSA Warns against Global Fees (Repost)

This is a post from April 2017 taken from the Business Live website. The importance of this issue need to be emphasised. Practitioners are invited to use the comment section to share their ideas and discuss concerns.   HPCSA warns against global fee arrangements with medical schemes The Health Professions Council urges healthcare professionals not to buy into the global fee model, saying it ‘... »

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