Steering Committee

Dr. Linda Blokland

Chairperson & Treasurer

MA Clinical Psychology (Unisa); PhD (UP)

Professional / Work Experience Summary: 20 years in limited private practice; 18 years in academia and training of professional psychologists

Field(s) of Interest in Psychology: Cognitive Behavioural Theory and Therapy; Family Systems Theory and Therapy; Psychometry; Training

Affiliations & Memberships: Registered member of Professional Board for Psychology of HPCSA; PsySSA

Gerhard Grundlingh

Vice Chairperson

MA Clinical Psychology (Pretoria); MBA (Pretoria); PrM, (APM)

Gerhard completed his studies in Clinical Psychology in 1984.

He commenced private practice in 1988 and is still actively involved as such. He holds directorships in six companies.  His interest focuses much on strategic planning with analysis of future trends.  In this regard he heads the development of a cattle farm that relies solely on renewable energy resources.  Gerhard has in depth knowledge of the mental health arena and the healthcare industry in South Africa.  He is the CEO of PHI, a company that specialises in the management of psychiatric services (mental health) that has been and still is the market leader at present in South Africa.  In this regard he is involved with strategic planning and advisory services, comprising a major part of the medical schemes market.  Gerhard is involved in research, investigating trends that span more than 4 million medical schemes beneficiaries, regarding psychiatric services and mental health.  As Managing Director of another company (GMPP) he manages 58 professionals including psychologists, medical specialists, general practitioners, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and social workers in a new and first for South Africa, business endeavour, in conjunction with a major hospital group.

His interests are in mood disorders with specific reference to bipolar mood disorder.  He prefers to work with the eco-systemic – and cognitive behavioural models in psychotherapy.

Gustaf Pretorius

Webmaster & Communications

MA Clinical Psychology (NWU)

Professional / Work Experience Summary:  Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital 1997-2003.  Private limited and full time practice as Clinical  Psychologist for a long time.

Field(s) of Interest:  General – Couples; Adults; Teenagers.

Affiliations & Memberships: Registered with HPCSA.