Apply for Membership Online

You can now apply online to become a member of the CPF. Please follow the application steps as outlined here.

Becoming a member of the CPF

In partnership with HealthMan the following services can be offered to registered members in good standing:

  1. Reduced fees for professional indemnity insurance through Aon Insurance.
  2. HealthMan has an agreement with ABSA bank for a reduced rate on credit card terminals in the practice.
  3. PSG Northcliff, a preferred provider of the HealthMan Group, will review and advise on employee benefits, personal investments, life and key man policies and wealth preservation.
  4. Online access to obtain CPD points. As well as online access to view your CPD points.
  5. Practice advisory services to assist with medical schemes problems, i.e., non-payment, reversals, PMBs, etc.,through HealthMan office.
  6. Assistance with medical scheme forensic investigations, through the HealthMan office.
  7. Helpdesk to assist with general medical schemes queries –
  8. Helpdesk assist with Consumer Protection Act complaints and queries –
  9. Online access to various medical journals will be made available in due course.
  10. Various consulting services through HealthMan.
  11. Receipt of regular communications relevant to the healthcare industry.
  12. Annual Salary review.

Membership Approach

  1. Clinical Psychology Forum NPC was constituted as a Non Profit Company (NPC Registration number 2012/113572/08). The Memorandum of Incorporation is available on the website.
  2. Clinical Psychology Forum employs the services of one existing organisation (HealthMan (Pty) Ltd on a contractual basis to advise on and manage all routine operational tasks, as well as provide us with additional services. (Both companies are currently rendering similar services to many of our colleagues, i.e. the gynaecologists, ophthalmologists, surgeons, paediatricians, psychiatrists, etc.)
  3. Each participating clinical psychologist will contribute a monthly membership fee of R345 (VAT incl.)
  4. Each participating student and intern will contribute a monthly membership fee of R110 (VAT incl.)
  5. The Board of Directors and Executive Committee will comprise of practising clinical psychologists that have been nominated and duly elected.
  6. The Board will out-source all operational issues at a predetermined cost; these costs are fixed for twelve months and will be renegotiated on an annual basis.
  7. The advantage of this approach is that Clinical Psychology Forum does not have to invest money or resources in staff, premises and equipment, and therefore behaves as a ‘virtual’ organisation.
  8. All costs are split amongst the providers currently within the HealthMan system thus costs are kept to a minimum.