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New Guidelines from HPCSA

The HPCSA just published new guidelines for practice during the lockdown. Here is the link: HPCSA COVID-19 Guidance to Health Practitioners »

What you as practitioner need to do during the lockdown to keep providing service

We received the following question from a clinical psychologist in private practice. “I would like to understand how to manage my private practice as a clinical psychologist. Where do I get permission to go to my practice? Can my clients visit the practice? What do I need in order to continue this essential mental health service. Thank you.” These are important questions and we can ans... »

Disaster Management Act Regulations for Lockdown during COVID-19

The minister of health have published the regulations that will be put in place during the lockdown period of the COVID-19 virus. Please take note of Section 6 of the act requiring you to be able to identify yourself as a health practitioner to authorities when requested. The CPF will email a statement with our letterhead that you can use to identify yourself when moving to your practice or place ... »

Sanitary Guidelines at your Place of Work

Maintaining isolation in line with the state of disaster is of paramount importance. As practitioner, you should be able to motivate why you need to see someone face to face and not hold a session online. When you see someone for a face-to-face (F2F) session, maintain the necessary sanitation and health regulations such as: Keeping social distance Sanitising door handles, door bells, before and af... »

Claims with regard to Telemedicine

Dear CPF members, This is an important information update with regards to claims submitted if you intend to engage in telemedicine/e-counselling processes. According to our latest information you need to keep in mind that schemes might not pay for e-counselling/telemedicine processes. The telecon code 0130 is reserved for psychiatrists at this stage at Discovery, so currently we do not know if the... »


Pretoria – The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) has noted that there are numerous advertisements for doctors to be involved in Telemedicine models that are in contravention of the HPCSA’s Ethical Guidelines on Telemedicine. This may result with patients routinely being serviced by practitioners virtually, that is, directly without the consulting and responsible practitioner... »

Letter from the CPF to the Professional Board of Psychology of the HPCSA

The following letter was sent to Professor Pillay by the CPF exco in the past week acknowledging the work of the PBP to clarify the Scope of Practice:   20 November 2019 TO: Prof B J Pillay Chairperson of the Professional Board for Psychology The Clinical Psychology Forum (CPF) wishes to acknowledge with gratitude the recent important announcement sent with associated updated documents regard... »

Scope of Practice: CPF Statement

Clinical Psychology and other categories of psychologists as well as psychometrists and registered counsellors Introduction The Clinical Psychology Forum (CPF) wishes to inform its members of the following very important announcement regarding the scope of practice by the HPCSA and the Professional Board for Psychology (PBP). The CPF also wants to thank the PBP for issuing the communiqué as this i... »

PMB Submissions – Schizophrenia, Bipolar and Mental health emergencies

The Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) is inviting stakeholders to make submissions for the benefit definitions of schizophrenia, bipolar mood disorder and mental health emergencies. To read the curcular, click here. »