Call for Membership

Dear friends & colleagues, I am writing to invite you to join the Clinical Psychology Forum. Many of us are concerned about a number of issues facing clinical psychology, and psychology in general, and feel helpless in making our voices heard in a constructive way. The Clinical Psychology Forum is working hard to ensure that clinical psychologists’ practices are upheld in the following c... »

Removing the Fear of Testifying

by Crystal Duvenhage When hearing the words “Court” or “Testify” many Psychologists are filled with emotions of fear, anxiety, and/or even dread. The Court and the law is an area in which many Psychologists feel uncomfortable and vulnerable.  This, however, does not have to be so if we understand what our role is and what is expected of us. This really is a clear-cut environment with nothing vague... »

The Clinical Psychologist in Court

by Dr. Lynette Roux The concept of the psychologist playing a role as an expert witness in the court is not a new one.  For decades psychologists have been viewed both positively and negatively by the courts. More recently, the psychologist has been recognised as being able to assist the court and being able to provide insight into the psychological functioning of people.  This includes providing ... »

Take care with the care you offer

Dr Simon Strachan MBChB(UCT)FCPaed(SA) It appears to me that the prevalence of psychosocial illnesses and complaints in the child and adolescent age groups has increased over the last 20 years that I have been in general Paediatric private practice. I am confronted on a daily basis by a child who has some or other psychological symptom. This may be related to anxiety, low self-esteem, bullying, se... »

On Schizophrenia

By Dr. Shane Pienaar As clinical psychologists we are trained to understand various psychopathological conditions from differing theoretical perspectives, which universities adhere to. In our internships we are more or less exposed to psychotic patients, depending on the population of the institution. Thereafter some psychologists who work in hospital settings may from time to time come across sch... »

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