Meeting with Discovery Health Regarding PMB Applications

Dear Member,

A meeting was held with Discovery Health and attended by PsychMG as well as the CPF representatives regarding the latest problems many of you have experienced regarding patient PMB applications. The meeting took place on Tuesday 7th February on Zoom at 5pm.

The outcomes from that meeting are preliminary pending final agreements by all parties. A summary is provided below:

  1. It seems as if the chaos has been caused by admin errors on their side with incorrect info and processing issues.
  2. From now on PMB applications will allow for a 7 day “pending” period from the date of service in which the application was decided. This gives leeway on both the practitioner side and their side to process.
  3. This pending period will be automated for the future but processes are still being put in place.
  4. The backlog applications which have already been submitted and rejected will be manually processed or re-processed to correct accordingly.
  5. For patients who are already on the system with a chronic PMB condition such as schizophrenia or bipolar, the PMB approval will roll over annually.
  6. The idea of depression as chronic is still being debated as to when or how depression can be considered chronic as opposed to an acute condition. Input from members is being invited.
  7. The above will be written out by DH and circulated for everyone to agree on.

Kind regards
CPF Exco Team