Member notice regarding Discovery Form and Bestmed Circular

Dear CPF member,

An Update on Two Important Matters:

1. Discovery have sent the so-called representing professional bodies a draft version of an extended form of the AT&PVCon Report on the understanding that we may not yet share it with our members despite the purpose being that we want to debate it with our members. The new draft is considerably longer and is purported to be an attempt to move towards value-based care.

For those who wish to read more about value-based health care you are referred to the work of Michael Porter on this topic. This is in fact the way all medical schemes and administrators are moving. However, the AT&PVCon report distributed by Discovery seems to be far removed from any basic values discussed among readings on this subject. It seems to rather address forensic and economic issues.

The CPF exco is engaging on this issue with Discovery and want to bring them back to an agreement that we had with them that the profession will discuss the foundations of value based health care and recommend what such a document or process may look like – if indeed it needs to addressed in a form to be completed.

There are other concerns surrounding this matter, such as where the boundaries of a medical funder sit in order for them to be able to fund for services. The psychology profession is not interested in a value-based care approach driven by Discovery and the CPF feels that current peer mentoring activities conducted by practices fulfils this role sufficiently.

A Second Issue:

2. Many of us have received a letter from Bestmed in the early hours of Monday morning. For those who maybe did not find it please see it attached here.

The CPF has responded to this urgently and we are in discussion with Bestmed around this.

Concerns are:

Clinical psychologists can diagnose and do not require the confirmation of a psychiatrist.

However, one may motivate for this confirmation from a psychiatrist, it may be to the detriment of the client/patient if the PMB application is dependent on this. Reasons include extra cost, it places the case management in the hands of the psychiatrist, there are may also be reasons why a patient may not wish to be referred to a psychiatrist.

The CPF Exco