Disaster Management Act Regulations for Lockdown during COVID-19

The minister of health have published the regulations that will be put in place during the lockdown period of the COVID-19 virus.

Please take note of Section 6 of the act requiring you to be able to identify yourself as a health practitioner to authorities when requested.

The CPF will email a statement with our letterhead that you can use to identify yourself when moving to your practice or place of work.

Your patients may not be able to move around during this time so therapy via an online platform.

Click on the link below to download the .pdf file.



One response to “Disaster Management Act Regulations for Lockdown during COVID-19”

  1. Linda Blokland Avatar
    Linda Blokland

    We are facing challenging times in which everyone is trying to find a way through.
    Uncertainty of leaders is reflected in fast changing directives and this spills down to the public waiting for guidance.
    In this unprecedented situation people need to exercise patience and get involved in decision making.
    A way forward will be forged.
    Please be patient.

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