Removing the Fear of Testifying

by Crystal Duvenhage When hearing the words “Court” or “Testify” many Psychologists are filled with emotions of fear, anxiety, and/or even dread. The Court and the law is an area in which many Psychologists feel uncomfortable and vulnerable.  This, however, does not have to be so if we understand what our role is and what is expected of us. This really is a clear-cut environment with nothing vague... »

The Clinical Psychologist in Court

by Dr. Lynette Roux The concept of the psychologist playing a role as an expert witness in the court is not a new one.  For decades psychologists have been viewed both positively and negatively by the courts. More recently, the psychologist has been recognised as being able to assist the court and being able to provide insight into the psychological functioning of people.  This includes providing ... »